Winning a pick Six

When it comes to horse racing and betting there are many different ways to bet. Not only are there many different betting options but there are also all sorts of odds associated with these different betting types. One of the most famous betting types for horse racing, that is known across many countries all over the world is the well known “pick six”. This type of bet is very difficult to win but if you win it, you can really end up making some serious cash.

In the horse racing circles this is one of the most prestigous betting types to win. If you win a big pick six, you will more than likely be known as not only a winner but also as a “legend”. What exactly is a pick 6, well this is a type of bet as previously mentioned. It involves choosing the winning horse in six consecutive races in a row.Although this may sound like an easy task, the truth is that it is extremely challenging and horse racing enthusistas and gamblers become more and more frustrated and obsessed with trying to win a “pick 6”

Book makers are very happy to bet against gamblers winning a pick 6 because it is a very difficult thing to do. The joke among gamblers and the common story is to “get 5 legs and a 2nd”. This means that the running joke is that often gamblers will sit watching race after race. What often happens is that they manage to pick the winning horse in 5 races in a row and on the very last race, where they require just one more winner, there chosen horse comes second instead of first. In these cases they walk away with nothing, false hope and having missed out on potential huge winnings. In most cases they try again because after all they were really close to hitting “the big time”.

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