The main criteria for betting on horses: Horse Racing Guide

Approaching the horse racing world, as a beginner, and betting on horses is not so simple. In fact, there are many variables that can influence the outcome of a race. So, let’s get some more detail as to what a new player needs to pay attention to in order to make their bets fully maximize their winnings.

Start betting

A horse race could be influenced by various elements, and it’s the culmination of these variants that change the outcome of the race. If you want to become good horse racing better, as well as knowing the horse vocabulary, you have to take the following into account:

  • the weather
  • how is the track on which the race takes place
  • evaluate if the race is flat or obstacle
  • the type of race: trot, gallop, mounted trot
  • horse: age, physical conditions, running specialties, previous results
  • jockey: has he already competed or won with such a horse? and on which tracks
  • results of both horses and jockeys in previous races

After evaluating all these elements, you can start deciding on which horse to bet. So you have to choose a site where you can register that offers the possibility of making bets and receive exclusive bonuses that will further encourage you to make your bets.

Main types of bets

Obviously, if you intend to horse race it is essential that you read this article before continuing with your bets. First of all, we have to see what bets are possible with regards to horse racing.

  1. Quinté +

Quinté + is a very popular type of horse betting. It is often thought that it is easy to do, but in reality, requires a good familiarity with the world of horse racing. First of all, we have to evaluate, as we said earlier:

  • History of the races
  • Betting statistics on horses
  • Coaches
  • Jockeys

Within this betting mechanism, it is necessary to find 5 horses that have a good chance to win the race, or in any case to rank among the top five places. You can win even if you can guess:

  • the first 4 horses
  • 4 of the first 5 horses
  • the 3 first classified among the horses

If you manage to win the + Quinte bet, you could win over a million € jackpot. So you can start by trying your luck with a minimum deposit: € 2

2. Quarté +

It is disputed once a day, and it is a matter of proposing to betters to designate the first four horses in order or not in one race. Very technical but ideal for professional bettors.

The advantages are as follows:

  • thanks to the bonus offered by the sites you will be able to win even just guessing 3 winning horses
  • the Quarté combined with the so-called Regional surplus

Minimum deposit is higher than Quinté +.

3. Trio

Even the trio is a very common type of bet in the world of horse races. It’s about finding the first three horses in order or not in a match played once a day.

Minimum amount: € 1

Systems and possibilities for handicap

To rebalance the odds of each horse with regards to horse racing bets, the organizers have equipped themselves with a handicap system, that is to say, to give an advantage to some horses.

Handicap manager

There is a person who has the task of establishing the handicaps and sharing them. Obviously, the analysis to establish the handicaps is not made by chance but follows precise criteria:

  • age of the horse
  • jockey experience
  • previous performances
  • types of travel


The regulation of flat or obstacle races also requires:

  • a weight between 46 kg to 54 kg for 1.55 m for flat strokes
  • up to 60 kg for 1,60 m to 1,70 m for obstacle courses

Therefore we tend to calculate the excess weight for those who do not reach these standard parameters because they are too light.

The distance

To facilitate the departure, the horses are arranged on different lines and all start at the same time:

At a trot, if considering the previous results we see that one horse has an advantage over another, it is possible to give an additional margin of distance to give a further advantage to the best horses in the race. This margin could be 25 m or even 75 m extra.