The Kentucky Derby and Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the biggest races which draws in the crowds on a massive scale is the one and only Kentucky Derby. This horse racing event has rich heritate associated to it and it brings in almost hundreds of thousands of people to the event. One of the most important parts of this event is the sponsorships and paternships which are created. There are huge sponsorship opportunities for companies, large corporates and brands. In fact it is a huge honour and prielege being able to take part as a partner or sponsor for this incredible and famous event.

Each year different sponsors and partners are involved. You can think about it like this, when you buy lottery tickets online there are usually partners and sponsors associated with the lottery. Money exchanges do not only happen when people buy loterry tickets or buy these tickets online. There are all sorts of partnerships and relationships which are being made and which take place in order to make the lottery both off and online happen and functin in a successful manner.

In the year 2017 some of the sponsors and partnerships which were associated with the Kentucky Derby included some really big names. The 2017 Kentucky Derby took place in Churchchills Downs, Louisville in Kentucky in the month of May. It is remarkable to know that it was the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby to take place. All sorts of sponsorship’s and partners were involved which encompassed all types of companies both big and small. Some of the larger sponsors and partnerships included Pepsi, Planet Fitness, American Express,Canon and Über.

Next year more sponsors and partnerships will become involved and there are opportunities for everyone. Different races offer different opportunities but there is certainly is ways for all companies to get involved. The truth is that it is a huge advertising platform for any brand or company regardless of how big or how small they are. Publicity is guaranteed.

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